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ASADA E-Learning

Swimming QLD - 17/06/2014

ASADA E-Learning

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ASADA is tasked to implement initiatives that increase the skills and knowledge of people involved in sporting activities about anti-doping matters.

Swimming Australia is the peak body for the sport of swimming in Australia.  As such, they are best placed and have responsibility for ensuring all their members are educated on anti-doping matters.

By working together, Swimming Australia and ASADA aim to ensure all athletes in the FINA and ASADA Testing pools or other people taking part in Swimming Australia camps and tours, complete online anti-doping education.

For detailed instructions on how to use ASADA e-Learning click here.

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Athlete Testing Guide

Understand what will happen during and after a testing session, and your rights and responsibilities in relation to testing.

For more information, click on the link below.

SAL: Anti-Doping

Swimming Australia SC Championships 2014

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