Athlete Development

Here at Swimming Queensland, we believe a rounded approach to development gives athletes the best chance to succeed. Being highly skilled in the water with great technique, combined with training hard to be physically fit and strong, is only part of what's required in sport. While our physical health is important, we also know that having a healthy mind is essential.

Swimmers are athletes, and athletes are humans. Becoming the best human you can be, will make you the best athlete you can be, which in turn, makes you the best swimmer you can be. This is an active and ongoing process that we can control through making choices that lead to positive change and personal growth in all aspects of our lives.

It's important to understand that each individual's experience and progress is unique; especially going through the years of physical maturation. Your journey is self-paced and specific to you, so try not to compare yourself to your peers. Instead, focus on where you are now and what you can do to improve yourself at any given time. Make the most of the development opportunities that you are invited to attend and take from it what you can to improve yourself and your swimming.

As a member of Swimming Queensland, there are many opportunities available to you. In the menu, you can view our range of Development Programs, there is the opportunity to travel with Queensland Teams both nationally and internationally and plenty more resources to help you develop along your individual sporting journey.

In addition to the initiatives mentioned above, Swimming Queensland invests heavily in the continual growth and development of our Queensland coaches. Queensland coaches holding an ascta membership are invited to attend educational workshops which are conducted face-to-face at the Queensland Academy of Sport.

Invitations are sent from Swimming Queensland to target attendance based on the topic and level of coach appropriate. These workshops are filmed with a live feed for regional coaches whenever possible.

    • Long Term Athlete Development Philosophy
    • Swimming Queensland works with a Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) philosophy in mind and we encourage our coaches, parents, administrators and athletes need to also have a long-term view for our sport.

      LTAD focuses on the general framework of athlete development with reference to growth maturation, highlighting where windows of improved trainability occur in an athlete’s development. The LTAD approach has been influenced by proven athlete development models.

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