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All sporting journeys require a team effort, and swimming is no different! There are many aspects to consider when you are moving through the development pathway. Here are a few great resources and reference points you might find useful during your time in the sport.

  • Australian Swimmers Association
  • The Australian Swimmers' Association (ASA) is the representative body for National level swimmers in Australia.

    The ASA is the voice for the swimmers and their point of contact for all issues affecting them. They provide the communication channels to ensure their members know what is happening in the sport with Swimming Australia, the States and other stakeholders, to make sure that swimmers receive the best possible support and environment

  • ASADA Anti-Doping Information
  • Swimming Australia provides an extensive list of anti-doping resources, including the latest policies, supplement warnings and the most recent Prohibited List. It is important that all athletes keep up to date with anti-doping information as there may be slight changes each year that could affect them.

  • Athlete Recovery & Sleep
  • An athlete's recovery is very important to enable the best effort to be given in their regular training environment, as well as during times of competition. Sleep is an essential component and is especially crucial during adolescents where the body is growing at a fast rate.

    The Australian Institute of Sport has some great tips for making the most of your sleep.

    The Gatorade Sports Science Institute published an interesting study on sleep and the benefits for elite athletes.

    In a study published in the Sports Medicine Journal in 2014, there were some interesting findings around nutritional interventions that can enhance sleep for athletes.

  • Nutrition
  • The food we eat has a direct impact on athletic performance and overall health and wellbeing. When involved in sport and wanting your body to perform at a certain level, it's essential to be choosing the best food options.

    This article has been written by Sports Dietitians Greg Shaw and Steph Gaskell and includes fantastic tips on the swimming nutrition jigsaw puzzle!

    Getting through a school day can be a challenge for young swimmers, so having the right mix of foods in your lunch box can be a huge help! This article outlines what you can put in your lunch box to make sure you are getting the right mix of foods throughout your day!


  • Tips For Parents
  • The Australian Institute of Sport has published a great resource for parents which includes their top 10 tips on how to nurture and support your child's sporting development.

  • Play by the Rules
  • The Play by the Rules online training section is for everyone involved in sport and recreation organisations, including: coaches, administrators, officials, players, parents and spectators.

    They offer free courses on some of the most important topics in sport, including: child protection, harassment and discrimination and complaint handling. They also offer free online training for Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs).

    By taking these courses you will upgrade your knowledge and skills, which will help to create safer, fairer and more inclusive environments for all people involved in sport.

    The courses have been developed in consultation with sports experts who work in these areas. They are short, user-friendly and feature the latest interactive technology, including case studies, practical scenarios and a quiz. The modules may be done in part, or all at once.

    Access the courses online.

  • Swimming Aus - Body Empowerment
  • Body Empowerment is a Swimming Australia initiative which serves the whole-of-swimming community. We are providing resources and learning opportunities to help all members of the swimming community understand how to best support swimmers in developing and sustaining an empowered, resilient and educated relationship with their body.


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