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Athlete Support

The Australian Swimmers' Association

The Australian Swimmers' Association (ASA) is the representative body for National level swimmers in Australia.

The ASA is the voice for the swimmers and their point of contact for all issues affecting them. They provide the communication channels to ensure their members know what is happening in the sport with Swimming Australia, the States and other stakeholders, to make sure that swimmers receieve the best possible support and environment.

For more information, visit tha ASA's website www.australianswimmers.com.au

Anti-Doping Information

Swimming Australia provides an extensive list of anti-doping resources, including the latest policies, supplement warnings and the most recent Prohibited List. It is important that all athletes keep up to date with anti-doping information as there may be slight changes each year that could affect them.

For more informatin, visit Swimming Australia's anti-doping page here

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