Life Members

Members of Swimming Queensland who have provided long and meritorious service, are appointed as Life Members in recognition of their efforts in furthering the interests of the Association. We would like to thank the following Life Members for their contributions over the life of our sport.

  • Our Life Members
  • Reginald Roe

    Dr. Archibald Brockway (1907)

    David Carter (1916)

    William Kuder

    CRJ Dahl

    WH Duffy (1930)

    FE Duncalfe (1930)

    RH Bunting (1930)

    F Springfield (Snr)

    FW Springfield (1930)

    H Davis

    J Hiron

    EJ Goodwin (1934)

    N Burn

    L Nissen

    J Whittington (1938)

    J Montgomery (1939)

    R McKauge (1939)

    V Hartley (1940)

    R Hodge

    WS Johnston (1949)

    EJ Portley (1951)

    G Stedman (1951)

    GJ Nankavill (1953)

    J Gardiner (1954)

    SA Connell (1955)

    WJ Holland (1957)

    R Kerr

    RB Lyons

    EJ Davis

    JS Emerson JP (1960)

    G Marr

    W Burnup (1961)

    GD Johnston (1963)

    JW Morrall (1964)

    Dr. DA Dowling OBE

    M Munro (1966)

    Dr. EF Theile OBE

    DR F Trennery (1968)

    EH Smith

    JF Morgan (1971)

    AE Barnacle (1973)

    C Arnold

    AA Steinbeck OBE

    RJ McNamara (1974)

    GG Bennett (1975)

    WJ Barker (1975)

    G Comadira (1977)

    E McAuliffe (1977)

    V Anderson (1978)

    T Osborn

    A Thompson (1979)

    GS Smith

    DB Mullins (1980)

    JT Torrance (1980)

    J Purtell

    A Rusell

    Greg Lalor AM (1983)

    EJ King AM (1983)

    LN Short OAM (1984)

    WJ Willis OAM (1984)

    Dr.  David Theile AO (1984)

    TJ Christopher (1985)

    A Cusack

    Dr. Tim Barrett OAM

    Graham White OAM

    IE Mullins (1987)

    Patricia Wright OAM (1988)

    Di Bendeich (1989)

    LKS Hogg OBE (1989)

    A Gynther (1990)

    Barry Short (1993)


    Edward (Ted) Randle (1994)

    Percival (John) Keppie OAM (1994)

    P Eisentrager (1995)

    George Burke (1996)

    P McLeod

    H Shorter (1998)

    Margaret Pugh OAM (1999)

    Lenore (Greta) Tanner

    William (Bill) Sweetenham OAM

    Hazel Ferguson* (2001)

    Jeanette Kellett*

    John (Terry) Major

    Glen Bigg (2003)

    A Lancaster (2003)

    Peter Crane (2005)

    Bruce Welch OAM (2005)

    Derrik Millard (2005)

    Fred Kellett* (2005)

    Rober Kretchmann (2006)

    Denis Cotterell (2006)

    Ken Wood* (2006)

    Julie McGinley OAM

    David Urquhart (2007)

    Laurie Lawrence (2007)

    Peter Diamond (2008)

    Michael Bohl (2009)

    Peter Plumridge (2009)

    Wendy Ryan (2010)

    Simon Hooton (2011)

    Suellen Hardie (2011)

    Alan Johnson (2011)

    Brian Stehr (2012)

    Judith (Judy) Hicks

    Janice King (2012)

    David Milburn (2012)

    Michele Watson

    Lee Day

    Edward (Ted) Curtis

    Margaret Squires

    Susan Brown (2013)

    Karen Macleod (2014)

    Gloria Williams

    Jill Ryan

    Gary Shepherdson (2014)

    Warren Grainger

    Kevin Martin (2015)

    John Wallace (2015)

    David White (2015)

    David Towner (2016)

    Erin Collis (2017)

    Diane Daw (2017)

    David Gregory (2017)

    Theresa Manning

    Gail Smail (2017)


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Awards of Excellence

Awards of Excellence are granted to members of the swimming community in Queensland who are considered to have given a high order of service to the sport through their untiring commitment as a swimmer, coach, official, administrator or volunteer.

  • Brisbane
  • Peter Diamond

    Bill Willis

    Hazel Ferguson

    Greta Tanner

    Geoff Fellowes

    Margaret Squires

    Jan King

    Ted Curtis

    Gary Shepherdson

    Dianne Greene

    Warren Grainger

    Brendan Keogh

    Jill Ryan

    David Gregory

    Steve Carsley

    Teresa Goddard

    Lori Chaplin

    Susan Weldon

    Amanda Bedford


  • Central Queensland
  • John Dahl

    Nev Hamilton

    John Allen

    Wendy Ryan

    Susan Brown

    Dave Milburn

    Graham Simpson

    Jenny Smith

    Sarah Emery

  • Darling Downs
  • Tim Barrett OAM


    Lance Reddick


    Marvyen Whittaker


    Bob Wharton


    David Sondergeld


    David White


    Ric Whiting


    Gail Smail


    Jenny Veivers


    Garry Shorter


    Ray Henderson


    Garry Gibson


    Ray Henderson Garry Gibson Troy Chandler

    Roger Brown

  • Far North Queensland
  • Glen Evans


    Joyce Leeon


    Geoff Wright


    Wayne Sexton


    James Crompton


    Ron Tong


    Matt Bromley


    Tracy Lammert


  • Gold Coast
  • Norm Fyffe


    Guy Bagot


    Karen Macleod


    Di Daw


    Gerry Epstein


    Sharon Wicking


    Alan Smith


    Maree Oberg


    Sharon Wicking


    Kim Cook


  • North Queensland
  • Pat Wright OAM


    Judy Hicks


    Lee Day


    Alan Johnston


    Steve Argent


    Theresa Manning


    Louise Baker


    Erin Collis


    Bethea Patel


    Tim Hiller


    Trevor Williams



  • Wide Bay
  • Cec Roberts


    Peter Seeney


    Paddy Steele


    Michele Watson


    Dale Cox


    Jessica Sallaway


    David Towner


    John Wallace


    Kevin Thomson


    Paul Simms


    Malcolm Lee


    Elwyn Lee


  • Swimming Queensland
  • Gloria Williams


    Nicole Yates


    Helen Holmes


    Sandra Wilkes


    Shaun Crow


    Peter Wells


    Rachel Vickery


    Wendy Swift


    Judy Hooton


    Edelene Koplick


    Vicki Patten


    John McCarthy


    Sue McCarthy


    Scott Harrison



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Hall of Fame

Induction into the Swimming Queensland Hall of Fame is an honour bestowed upon swimmers, coaches, officials and administrators who are known for their outstanding efforts at international events, to the international swimming community or have administered swimming at its highest level, respectively.

  • Swimmers
  • David Theile AO

    Stephen Holland OAM

    Tracey Wickham MBE OAM

    Duncan Armstrong OAM

    Jon Sieben OAM

    Susie O’Neill AM

    Kieren Perkins OAM

    Brendan Burkett OAM

    Sam Riley OAM

    Jeff Hardy OAM

    Chantel Wolfenden OAM

    Giaan Rooney OAM

    Hayley Lewis OAM

    Jodie Henry OAM

    Grant Hackett OAM

    Jade Edmistone

    Brendan Capell

    Josh Santacaterina

    Geoff Huegill

    Leisel Jones OAM

    Brenton Rickard

    Libby Trickett OAM

    Stephanie Rice OAM

    Jessicah Schipper OAM

    Melissa Gorman

    Alicia Coutts OAM

    Christian Sprenger


  • Coaches
  • Joe King

    Laurie Lawrence

    John Carew

    Arthur Cusack

    Denis Cotterell

    Ken Wood

    Michael Bohl OAM

    Stephan Widmer OAM

    Shannon Rollason

    Bill Sweetenham AM



  • Officials and Administrators
  • Greg Lalor AM

    Lorraine Short OAM

    Bill Willis OAM

    David Carter

    Arch Steinbeck OBE

    Dr Tim Barrett OAM

    Margaret Pugh OAM

    John Keppie OAM

    Dr Simon Hooton




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John Keppie Award

The John Keppie award for excellence as a Queensland technical official is presented annually at the McDonald’s Queensland Championships. It is named in honour of John Keppie OAM, one of Queensland’s finest Technical Officials. 

This award recognises participation in, achievement at, and contribution to officiating. Find out about previous recipients of the on our Technical Official Recgontition and Opportunities page.


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Gallery of Champions

Our Gallery of Champions is displayed in the Swimming Queensland office, recognising the international success of our Queensland swimmers, coaches and technical officials, along with the contribution made by administrators to our sport.

We have created this online version of our Gallery of Champions, so our entire community can view the achievements of our champions.

  • Our Swimmers
  • Queenslanders have a proud history of achieving international success. The following swimmers have entered Swimming Queensland’s Gallery of Champions, as they have:

    • Won an individual Olympic, Paralympic, FINA World Championship (long course) or IPC World Championship gold medal; or
    • Won an individual Olympic, Paralympic, FINA World Championship (long course) or IPC World Championship silver or bronze medal; or
    • Won an individual FINA World Championship (short course) gold medal; or
    • Won an INAS-FID gold medal, provided they were a member of a Swimming Australia selected and funded team; or
    • Were a finalist-member of an Olympic, Paralympic, FINA World Championship (long course) or IPC World Championship gold medal winning relay team; or
    • Established a long course World Record in a FINA or IPC sanctioned event; or
    • Sustained an exceptional degree of excellence in competition at national and international level.

    We wish to congratulate these swimmers on their success in the pool.

  • Our Coaches
  • The success of our Queensland swimmers is directly related to the support, encouragement and dedication of their Coaches. The following coaches are recognised in our Coaches gallery for having coached an athlete that appears in the Swimmers Gallery of Champions above.

  • Our Administrators & FINA Technical Officials
  • Our sport owes much of its success to the dedicated administrators and Technical Officials. The following administrators have been recognised as part of our Technical Officials and Administrators gallery for their distinguished service to the administration of swimming in Queensland. The Technical Officials recognised in the below gallery have been appointed to the FINA List as a Referee or Starter, acknowledging their exceptional skill and dedication to officiating. 

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