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The Swimming Queensland Board is supported by 7 sub-committees:


Mrs Erin Collis (Chair)

Mr Michael Cox

Mr Greg Kukla


Mr Michael Cox (Chair)

Mr Shaun Crow

Mrs Julie McGinley OAM

Mr Peter Turnbull



Mr Michael Cox (Chair)

Mr Michael Bohl OAM

Mr Paul Jones

Mr Brendan Keogh

Mr Brian Stehr



Mr Marc Nichols (Chair)

Mr Greg Kukla

Mr Peter Turnbull

Mr Mark Twyford


Planning, Membership & Participation

Mr Michael Cox (Chair)

Mrs Suellen Hardie

Mr Marc Nichols

Mrs Michele Watson


Mr Alan Smith (Chair)

Mrs Erin Collis

Ms Teresa Goddard

Mr David Gregory

Mrs Karen Macleod

Mrs Julie McGinely OAM


Board of Directors and Sub-Committees - Printable Version


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