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History - Swimming in Queensland

History CD


With the permission of Dr Tim Barrett OAM, Mr Barry Short has made available the following links to over 1,570 closely typed pages of research material created by Dr Barrett for the purpose of writing his one hundred year history of the Queensland Amateur Swimming Association (QASA) - established 1898 - published in 2006.


This research was carried out at the Queensland Library at South Brisbane, and consists of information from newspapers, available on microfiche. This material is a really wonderful true story about swimming, from the viewpoint of Queensland and Australian newspaper reporters. It contains information over the lifespan of many swimmers and officials, many of whom are still alive, who competed in and worked for the sport of swimming.

Additional Research

As well as newspaper reports, the material contains other research material obtained by Dr Barrett: a sample of the newspapers searched by him; a record of research by Mr Peter Rigby on the Maroochydore Surf Club, about swimmers involved with the QASA early in the century; an account by Mr Jim Dunning in 1985 of his swimming memories in the beginning of the 20th century and the Commercial Club; and a scanned copy of a swimming carnival conducted by the Commercial Club in 1914.

Click on the following links to download the research material from Dr Tim’s book (refer to the ‘Research Contents’ links below for details of the information contained in the links):

Research Contents
Research Introduction

Newspaper clippings (recorded in seasons and grouped in decades):
1898 - 1908 | 1908 - 1918 | 1918 - 1928 | 1928 - 1938
1938 - 1948 | 1948 - 1958 | 1958 - 1968 | 1968 - 1973

Miscellaneous items:
Item 1 - Information about various persons involved in swimming from 1895 to 1921.
Item 2 - Dr Tim Barrett's notes - 14 pages of material about swimming in Quensland, from 1885, collected as reference material by Dr Barrett for his history book.
Item 3 - Article written in 1934 (author unknown) about swimming from 1885; the first swimming club, early clubs; the formation of the Queensland Amateur Swimming Association; and people involved with swimming.
Item 4(a) | Item 4(b) - Early reference material collected by Mr Peter Rigby, being archive material relating to the Maroochydore Surf Life Saving Club, and a team photo.
Item 5 - A sample of the newspapers searched by Dr Barrett to record detail of swimming articles. These are pages from 'The Brisbane Courier and Observer' dated 10, 17 and 24 February 1912. (The quality of the microfilm recording of these newspapers is not good.)
Item 6(a) | Item 6(b) | Item 6(c) | Item 6(d) | Item 6(e) | Item 6(i) | Item 6(ii) | Item 6(iii) | Item 6(iv) | Item 6(v)
Item 6(vi) | Item 6(vii) | Item 6(viii) | Item 6(ix) | Item 6(x) | Item 6(xi) | Item 6(xii) | Item 6(xiii) | Item 6(xiv)
Item 6(xv) | Item 6(xvi) | Item 6(xvii) | Item 6(xviii) | Item 6(xix) | Item 6(xx) | Item 6(xxi) | Item 6(xxii) | Item 6(xxiii)
Item 6(xxiv) | Item 6(xxv) | Item 6(xxvi) | Item 6(xxvii) | Item 6(xxviii) | Item 6(xxix) | Item 6(xxx) | Item 6(xxxi) - A Program for the Commercial Club's '1st Annual Aquatic Gala' on 17 February 1914.
Item 7 - Mr Jim Dunning's Swimming Memories (from the beginning of the 20th century).

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