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Giving for Grassroots Funding

Sport4Everyone is an initiative of the Australian Sports Foundation’s Giving4GrassrootsTM (G4G) program, funding projects and activities that increase participation in grassroots and community sport through small grants. Sport4Everyone is generously supported by Australia Post and provides grants of up to $10,000 for projects and activities that create diverse, welcoming and inclusive sporting environments. The grants are to help individuals and communities to connect through sport, regardless of background or ability.

Applications close 11.59pm AEST, Thursday 26 April 2018

Find out all the information here: https://asf.org.au/giving4grassroots/ 

Find Out Why Everyone Loves Optus Junior Dolphins!

It's not only Queensland kids who are loving being a part of the national participation program - Optus Junior Dolphins! Queensland parents are loving the benefits for their young swimmers and Queensland Clubs and Coaches are getting behind the fun of Optus Junior Dolphins and loving the positive impact it is having at all levels! 

Australian Dolphins Swim Team member, Clyde Lewis, is also excited about the program – Optus Junior Dolphins!

Check out our four videos, so you can find out what Kids, Parents, Clubs and Coaches as well as Australian Dolphins Swim Team Member, Clyde Lewis, have to say about Optus Junior Dolphins and why they love it.

Acces the videos from this link: https://qld.swimming.org.au/optus-junior-dolphins-videos.html 

#GC2018 Results

See below information available from the #GC2018 swimming; including QLD results!! 

Events and Athletes: https://results.gc2018.com/en/swimming/sport-entries.htm 

Daily Swimming Schedule: https://results.gc2018.com/en/swimming/daily-schedule-date=2018-04-05.htm 

All Swimming Records:

Date Event Phase Name CGA Code Time Record
5 APR Men 200m Freestyle S14 Final HAMER Thomas ENG 1:55.88 European
Final HAMER Thomas ENG 1:55.88 World
Women 200m Freestyle Final RUCK Taylor CAN 1:54.81 Games
Women 50m Breaststroke Heat 2 SCHOENMAKER Tatjana RSA 30.92 African
Women 100m Butterfly Semifinal 2 GROVES Madeline AUS 57.22 Games
Women 4x100m Freestyle Final Australia AUS 3:30.05 Games
Final Australia AUS 3:30.05 Oceania
Final Australia AUS 3:30.05 World
Final Australia AUS 3:30.05 WRC
6 APR Men 100m Breaststroke Semifinal 2 PEATY Adam ENG 58.59 Games
Men 4x100m Freestyle Heat 2 Australia AUS 3:12.72 Games
Women 50m Freestyle Semifinal 2 CAMPBELL Cate AUS 23.88 Games
Women 100m Backstroke Heat 3 SEEBOHM Emily AUS 58.91 Games
Heat 4 MASSE Kylie CAN 58.70 Games
Semifinal 2 MASSE Kylie CAN 58.66 Games
Women 50m Breaststroke Final SCHOENMAKER Tatjana RSA 30.82 African
Women 100m Butterfly Final McKEON Emma AUS 56.78 Games
7 APR Men 50m Breaststroke Final
(100 Breast )
PEATY Adam ENG 26.74 Games
Men 200m Butterfly Final le CLOS Chad RSA 1:54.00 Games
Women 50m Freestyle Final CAMPBELL Cate AUS 23.78 Games
Final CAMPBELL Cate AUS 23.78 Oceania
Women 100m Backstroke Final MASSE Kylie CAN 58.63 Games
Women 200m Breaststroke Final SCHOENMAKER Tatjana RSA 2:22.02 African
Women 4x200m Freestyle Final Australia AUS 7:48.04 Games
8 APR Men 50m Breaststroke Semifinal 2 PEATY Adam ENG 26.49 Games
Men 4x200m Freestyle Final Australia AUS 7:05.97 Games
Women 100m Freestyle Semifinal 2 CAMPBELL Cate AUS 52.64 Games
Semifinal 2 GALLAGHER Erin RSA 54.38 African
Women 200m Backstroke Final MASSE Kylie CAN 2:05.98 Games
Women 100m Breaststroke Semifinal 1 SCHOENMAKER Tatjana RSA 1:06.65 African
9 APR Men 50m Freestyle Heat 8 PROUD Benjamin ENG 21.45 Games
Semifinal 2 PROUD Benjamin ENG 21.30 Games
Men 100m Butterfly Final le CLOS Chad RSA 50.65 Games
Women 100m Freestyle Final CAMPBELL Bronte AUS 52.27 Games
Final GALLAGHER Erin RSA 54.23 African
Women 100m Breaststroke Final SCHOENMAKER Tatjana RSA 1:06.41 African
Women 200m Butterfly Final THOMAS Alys WAL 2:05.45 Games
10 APR Men 200m Individual Medley Final LARKIN Mitch AUS 1:57.67 Games
Men 4x100m Medley Relay Final Australia AUS 3:31.04 Games
Women 400m Freestyle Final TITMUS Ariarne AUS 4:00.93 Games
Final TITMUS Ariarne AUS 4:00.93 Oceania
Women 4x100m Medley Relay Final Australia AUS 3:54.36 Games



 Night Six Results Swimmers Place Club
Women's 400m Freestyle Final

Ariarne Titmus 1st SPW
Jessica Ashwood 5th Chandler
Mikayla Sheridan 6th USC
Men's 50m Freestyle Final Cam McEvoy 3rd Bond
James Roberts 7th Somerset GC
Women's 50m Backstroke Final Emily Seebohm 1st Brisbane Grammar
Men's 200m Individual Medley Final Clyde Lewis 3rd SPW
Mitch Larkin 1st SPW
Women's S8 50m Freestyle Final Lakeisha Patterson 1st Lawnton
Men's S9 100m Backstroke Final Logan Powell 3rd USC
Brenden Hall 1st Lawnton
Men's 1500m Freestyle Final Jack Mcloughlin 1st Chandler
Women's 4 x 100m Medley Relay Final Australia 1st  
Men's 4 x 100m Medley Relay Final Australia 1st  


 Night Five Results Swimmers Place Club
Men's 200m Backstroke Final Mitch Larkin 1st SPW
Women's 800m Freestyle Final

Jessica Ashwood 2nd Chandler
Ariarne Titmus 1st SPW
Kiah Melverton 3rd TSS
Women's SB9 100m Breaststroke Final Paige Leonhardt 2nd Chandler
Men's 50m Freestyle Semifinal 1 James Roberts   Somerset GC
Cam McEvoy   Bond
Women's 50m Backstroke Semifinal 2 Emily Seebohm   Brisbane Gammar
Minna Atherton   Brisbane Gammar
Men's 50m Breaststroke Final Jake Packard 4th USC
Women's 100m Breaststroke Final Leiston Pickett 6th Southport
Georgia Bohl 3rd Griffith
Women's 200m Butterfly Final Laura Taylor 2nd TSS
Emma McKeon 3rd Griffith
Women's 100m Freestyle Final

Cate Campbell 2nd Chandler
Bronte Campbell 1st Chandler
Shayna Jack 4th Chandler
Men's 100m Butterfly Final David Morgan 4th TSS
Grant Irvine 3rd Griffith


 Night Four Results Swimmers Place Club
Women's 200m Backstroke Final   Emily Seebohm 3rd Brisbane Grammar
Kaylee McKeown 4th USC
Men's 100m Freestyle Final  Jack Cartwright 6th SPW
Cam McEvoy 4th Bond
Women's 100m Freestyle Semifinal 1

Shayna Jack   Chandler
Cate Campbell   Chandler
Bronte Campbell   Chandler
Men's 50m Breaststroke Semifinal 1 Liam Hunter   Chandler
Jake Packard   USC
Men's SM8 200m Individual Medley Final Black Cochrane 2nd USC
Women's S9 100m Freestyle Final  Lakeisha Patterson 1st Lawnton
Ellie Cole 3rd USC
Men's 100m Butterfly Semifinal 1 Grant Irvine   Griffith
David Morgan   TSS
Women's 100m Breaststroke Semifinal 2  Leiston Picket   Southport Olympic
Georgia Bohl   Griffith
Men's 50m Backstroke Final Mitch Larkin 1st SPW
Men's 50m Backstroke Final Ben Treffers 2nd  Somerset (Gold Cost)
Women's 50m Butterfly Final Madeline Groves 3rd  Griffith
Cate Campbell 1st  Chandler
Men's 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay Final Australia 1st  


 Night Three Results Swimmers Place Club
Men's 200m Butterfly Final David Morgan 2nd TSS
Grant Irvine 4th Griffith
Women's 50m Freestyle Final

Shayna Jack 4th Chandler
Cate Campbell 1st Chandler
Bronte Campbell 2nd Chandler
Men's 100m Breaststroke Final Jake Packard 4th USC
Women's 100m Backstroke Final  Emily Seebohm 2nd Brisbane Grammar
Kaylee McKeon 4th USC
Men's 50m Backstroke Semifinal 1 Mitch Larkin   SPW
Ben Treffers   Somerset GC
Women's 50m Butterfly Semifinal 1 Cate Campbell   Chandler
Madeline Groves   Griffith
Men's 100m Freestyle Semifinal 1  Jack Cartwright   SPW
Cam McEvoy   Bond
Women's 200m Breaststroke Final Taylor McKeown 5th USC
Tessa Wallace 6th PWC
Men's SB8 100m Breaststroke Final Blake Cochrane 3rd USC
Women's SM10 200m Individual Medley Final Paige Leonhardt 4th Chandler
Women's 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay Final Australia 1st  


 Night Two Results Swimmers Place Club
Men's 50m Butterfly Final Grant Irvine 4th Griffith
Men's 50m Butterfly Final David Morgan 8th TSS
Women's 50m Breaststroke Final Georgia Bohl 6th Griffith
Women's 50m Breaststroke Final Leiston Pickett 3rd Southport
Men's 200m Freestyle Final Alex Graham 6th Bond
Women's 50m Freestyle Semifinal 1 Shayna Jack   Chandler
Women's 50m Freestyle Semifinal 2 Cate Campbell   Chandler
Women's 50m Freestyle Semifinal 2 Bronte Campbell   Chandler
Men's 100m Breaststroke Semifinal 1 Jake Packard   USC
Men's 100m Breaststroke Semifinal 2 Liam Hunter   Chandler
Women's S9 100m Backstroke Final Ellie Cole 2nd USC
Men's S9 100m Freestyle Final Brenden Hall 3rd Lawnton
Women's 100m Backstroke Semifinal 1 Emily Seebohm   Brisbane Grammar
Women's 100m Backstroke Semifinal 2 Kaylee McKeown   USC
Men's 400m Individual Medley Final Clyde Lewis 1st SPW
Men's 100m Backstroke Final Mitch Larkin 1st SPW
Men's 100m Backstroke Final Ben Treffers 6th Somerset GC
Women's 100m Butterfly Final Madeline Groves 2nd Griffith
Women's 100m Butterfly Final Emma McKeon 1st Griffith
Men's 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay Final Australia 1st  


 Night One Results Swimmers Place Club
Men's 400m Freestyle Final Jack Mcloughlin Silver Chandler
David McKeon 6th Griffith
Women's 200m Freestyle Final

Leah Neale 6th USC
Ariarne Titmus Silver SPW
Emma McKeon Bronze Griffith
Men's S14 200m Freestyle Final Daniel Fox Bronze USC
Liam Schluter Silver Kawana
Men's 50m Butterfly Semifinal 1 Grant Irvine  QF for final Griffith
David Morgan  QF for final TSS
Women's 50m Breaststroke Semifinal 1 Georgia Bohl  QF for final Griffith
Leiston Pickett  QF for final Southport
Men's 100m Backstroke Semifinal 2 Mitch Larkin  QF for final SPW
Ben Treffers  QF for final Somerset GC
Women's 100m Butterfly Semifinal 1 Emma McKeon  QF for final Griffith
Madeline Groves  QF for final Griffith
Women's 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay Final Australia Gold  


2018 Paulus Wildeboer Coaching Scholarship

Scholarship recipients to experience the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games!

Swimming Queensland are proud to once again be able to honour Paulus Wildeboer with a coaching scholarship designed to educate and motivate Queensland coaches. With the Commonwealth Games on home soil, this has provided an opportunity for 14 coaches from across Queensland to experience international competition whilst under the guidance of our coach development team. We are excited to have coaches from as far north as Cannonvale and as far west as Dalby attending. Huge congratulations to all the selected coaches. We're looking forward to hearing about their experience.



Ben Allen (East Brisbane)

Humberto Angerami (Rackley)

Sam Armstrong (UQ)

Kate Bell (Tannum Sands)

James Critoph (Cotton Tree)

Mark Erickson (Cannonvale Cannons)

Adam Mallett (TSS Aquatic)

Stewart Melton (St Peters Western)

Michaela Pattinson (Nudgee College)

Tamarra Quin (Toowoomba Grammar)

Jodie Shanks (Caribeae)

Richard Sleight (Albany Creek)

David Thomas (TSS Aquatic)

Michael Wise (Dalby)

McDonalds Qld continues its support for Swimming Qld


McDonald's Qld recently announced its renewal as a major sponsor

of Swimming Qld and has pledged its commitment to help kids live a more balanced, active and enriched lifestyle.  McDonald’s has been a proud partner of Swimming Queensland since 2008 and will continue to support Metropolitan and Regional Associations across a variety of initiatives. 

By participating in swimming, children are encouraged to lead active lifestyles, learn and develop skills, and to have fun when competing in sport. As a major sponsor, McDonald’s Queensland will continue to help deliver a wide range of participation and development activities from grassroots, all the way through to the next generation of elite swimmers. Swimming Queensland is also proud to partner with Ronald McDonald House Charities and looks forward to supporting this wonderful charity at the major championships.

The Board, staff of Swimming Queensland, and the Management Committees of our Regional Associations, would like to thank McDonald’s Queensland for its ongoing and vital support. You can read more about McDonald’s support of Swimming Queensland here.

McDonalds Queensland Champs Wrap Up

The Ronald McDonald House Charities Relay Day was a great start to the 2017 McDonald’s Queensland Championships!

Spectators flooded through the gates eager to find a seat in the grandstand to cheer on their teammates in the Club Relays. This truly is one of the most exciting events of the Championships as we see some of our younger athletes get behind the same blocks that their swimming heroes will place their feet upon later in the week.

Spectators were surprised with an exclusive reveal of the 2018 Commonwealth Games Uniform by some big name athletes including Queensland swimmers Emma McKeon, Brittany Elmslie, Cameron McEvoy, Kaylee McKeown, Jake Packard, David Morgan and Minna Atherton.

Our regions then battled it out in the Regional Relays with great results. Of course there were many great results throughout the day in both Club & Regional Relays and we’re proud of every athlete that competed on behalf of their Club or Region. You can view all the results from the 2017 Ronald McDonald House Charities Relay Day on our website.

View Club Relay Results

View Regional Relay Results

We then dived into the individual events and we had some amazing results in the pool.

If you missed out on being at the Brisbane Aquatic Centre, you can catch all the action on replay on our website:https://qld.swimming.org.au/2017-mcdonalds-qld-champs-live-stream 

Find the club point score here and the live results here.



Women 14&U 200m Freestyle Relay - 1:48.03 - Queensland Allcomers Record
St Peters Western (L Murray, J Forrester, A Cescotto, E Ramsay)

Women 16&U 200m Medley Relay - 1:56.84 - Queensland & Queensland Allcomers Records
St Peters Western (S Matheson, M O’Leary, M Ryan, M Hazell)

Women Open 200m Freestyle Relay - 1:39.94 - Queensland & Queensland Allcomers Records
Chandler (S Jack, C Campbell, M Messer, B Campbell)

Women Open 200m Medley Relay - 1:51.47 - Queensland & Queensland Allcomers Records
Chandler (B Campbell, E Cobb, C Campell, S Jack)

Men Open 200m Freestyle Relay - 1:29.88 - Queensland & Queensland Allcomers Records
Bond (C McEvoy, B McCarthy, A Graham, E Winnington)

Men Open 200m Medley Relay - 1:40.83 - Queensland & Queensland Allcomers Records
St Peters Western (M Larkin, J Hadler, C Jones, J Cartwright

Minna Atherton (Brisbane Grammar) - 50m Backstroke
28.29 - 17 Years Queensland Allcomers Record

Isaac Cooper (Fairymead) - 50m Backstroke
27.01 - 13 Years Queensland & Queensland Allcomers Records


Kaylee McKeown (USC Spartans) - 400m Individual Medley
4:40.29 - 16 Years Australian & Queensland Records

Ariarne Titmus (St Peters Western) - 200m Freestyle
Heat Swim: 1:57.19 & Finals Swim: 1:56.34
17 Years Australian and Queensland Records

Thomas Hauck (All Saints) - 200m Individual Medley
Heat Swim: 2:07.94 & Finals Swim: 2:06.56
14 Years Queensland Record


Liam Schluter (Kawana Waters)
400m Freestyle S14 - 4:11.26 - Provisional IPC World Record

Ariarne Titmus (St Peters Western)
400m Freestyle - 4:02.86 - Open & 17 Years Aus & Qld Records

Thomas Hauck (All Saints)
1500m Freestyle - 15:57.09 - 14 Years Qld Record
200m Backstroke - 2:03.73 - 14 Years Aust, Qld & Qld Allcomers Records

Seungbeen Cho (V) (St Peters Western)
1500m Freestyle - 15:52.53 - 14 Years Qld Allcomers Record

Eu Jui Jonathan Tan (V) (Singapore)
100m Freestyle - 50.88 - 15 Years Qld Allcomers Record

Ryoi Uesugi (V) (Japan)
100m Butterfly - 59.72 - 12 Years Qld Allcomers Records


Thomas Hauck (All Saints)
100m Freestyle - 51.95 - 14 Years Qld & Qld Allcomers Records


Lakeisha Patterson (Lawnton)
100m Freestyle S8 - 1:04.51 - Provisional IPC World Record 
200m Freestyle S8 - 2:16.04 - Provisional IPC World Record 

Thomas Hauck (All Saints)
100m Backstroke - 58.19 - 14 Years Qld Record (Heat)
100m Backstroke - 57.70 - 14 Years Qld Record (Final)

400m Individual Medley - 4:33.83 - 14 Years Qld Record (Heat)
400m Individual Medley - 4:29.33 - 14 Qld & Qld Allcomers Records (Final)

Niama Bedgood (Acqua Rosa Clayfield)
100m Breaststroke - 1:13.88 - 12 Years Qld Record

Kaylee McKeown (USC Spartans)
200m Individual Medley - 2:12.52 - 16 Years Australian & Queensland Records

Lani Pallister (USC Spartans)
200m Freestyle - 1:59.67 - 15 Years Qld Allcomers Record


Elijah Winnington (Bond)
200m Butterfly - 1:58.88 - 17 Years Qld Allcomers Record

Thomas Hauck (All Saints)
200m Freestyle - 1:52.28 - 14 Years Qld Record

Award Winners

Hall of Fame Inductions

Jodie Henry

Christian Sprenger

Alicia Couts


Susie O'Neill Award

Emily Seebohm


John Keppie Award

Suellen Hardie


Award of Excellence

Edelene Koplick


Swimmer of the Meet

Ariarne Titmus (St Peters Western) Coach: Dean Boxall


Age Group Swimmer of the Meet

Thomas Hauck (All Saints) Coach: Ken Sabotic


SWD Swimmer of the Meet

Lakeisha Patterson (Lawnton) Coach: Harley Connolly


Country Swimmer of the Meet

Ty Hartwell (Rocky City) Coach: Shane Kingston


Swimmers of the Sessions

Sunday: Ariarne Titmus (St Peters Western) Coach: Dean Boxall

Monday: Thomas Hauck (All Saints) Coach: Ken Sabotic

Tuesday: Kaylee McKeown (USC Spartans) Coach Chris Mooney

Wednesday: Lani Pallister (USC Spartans) Coach: Janelle Pallister

Thursday: Lakeisha Patterson (Lawnton) Coach: Harley Connolly

Friday: Elijah Winnington (Bond) Coach: Richard Scarce


Towel Awards

Open Female: Taylor McKeown (USC Spartans) Coach: Chris Mooney

Open Male: Mitch larkin (St Peters Western) Coach: Dean Boxall

17/18 Years Female: Laura Taylor (TSS Aquatics) Coach: Chris Nesbit

17/18 Years Male: Elijah Winnington (Bond) Coach: Richard Scarce

16 Years Female: Kaylee McKeown (USC Spartans) Coach: Chris Mooney

16 Years Male: Ty Hartwell (Rocky City) Coach: Shane Kingston

15 Years Female: Michaela Ryan (St Peters Western) Coach: Dean Boxall

15 Years Male: Thomas Neil (Rackley) Coach: Justin Bell

14 Years Female: Jenna Forrester (St Peters Western) Coach: Dean Boxall

14 Years Male: Thomas Hauck (All Saints) Coach: Ken Sabotic

13 Years Female: Elizabeth Dekkers (New Market Racers) Coach: Steve Miller

13 Years Male: Flynn McGregor (TSS Aquatics) Coach: David Thomas

12 Years Female: Claveria Johnson-Tiumalu (St Peters Western) Coach: Stewart Melton

12 Years Male: Thomas Connellan (Nudgee College) Coach: David Proud

Multi Class Female: Lakeisha Patterson (Lawnton) Coach: Harley Connolly

Multi Class Male: Liam Schluter (Kawana Waters) Coach: Michael Sage

Swimming Success at the 2017 QSport Awards

Huge congratulations to those recognised at the 2017 QSport Awards!

Kaylee McKeown - 2017 Queensland Junior Sport Star of the Year

Erin Collis - 2017 Queensland Sport Officiator of the Year

Jessicah Schipper - Queensland Sport Hall of Fame Inductee

More information about the QSport Awards can be found on their website:http://www.qsport.org.au/ 


Image Credit: QSport

Huge success for Queenslanders at the Swimming Australia’s Gala Awards Dinner!

Emily Seebohm and Emma McKeon reign supreme at Swimming Australia's Gala Awards Night!

Two of Australia’s queens of the pool, Emily Seebohm and Emma McKeon were the big winners at Swimming Australia’s Gala Awards Dinner, presented by Hancock Prospecting in Adelaide tonight.
Triple-Olympian Seebohm (Brisbane Grammar) was awarded the Olympic Program Swimmer of the Year while McKeon (Griffith University) took home the coveted Hancock Prospecting Swimmer’s Swimmer and, along with Paralympic golden girl Lakeisha Patterson, one of two prestigious Mrs. Gina Rinehart Patron Awards.
The Paralympic Program Swimmer of the Year Award went to Brisbane’s Commonwealth Games gold medallist and Rio Paralympic freestyle star Rowan Crothers (Yeronga Park); the Open Water Program Swimmer of the Year went to Sunshine Coast Rio Olympian Chelsea Gubecka (Kawana Waters); the Short Course Swimmer of the Year to world champion and world record holder Mitch Larkin (St Peters Western) and the AIS Discovery of the Year to Shayna Jack from Commercial.
The who’s who of Australia’s most successful Olympic sport, including Swimming Australia Patron, Mrs. Gina Rinehart, Olympic legend Dawn Fraser, Swimming Australia President John Bertrand AO and the current Australian Dolphins stars walked the blue carpet at the Adelaide Convention Centre.
And it was a night which saw Australia’s leading ladies of the pool make the biggest splash.
The 2017 Olympic Program Swimmer of the Year, Seebohm, put together a stellar year, coming back to her best after overcoming a disappointing  Rio campaign and then the revelation of her complications with endometriosis to win her fifth World Championship gold medal at this year’s FINA World Championships in Budapest when she successfully defended her 200m backstroke crown and also picked up a silver and two bronze medals in a stand-out meet.
Seebohm showed her true champion qualities to mix it with the best of the best, regularly pushing, arguably the world’s No. 1 all-round Swimmer, in Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu to the limit over both long and short course.
Her efforts both individually and in Australia’s relay teams underline her value as one of the country’s finest ever.
Seebohm has been a part of the Australian Dolphins Swim Team for 11 years and is a force to be reckoned with on the world stage and this year’s individual gold in the 200m backstroke, bronze in both the 100m backstroke and the 4x100m medley relay plus a silver medal as a heat swimmer in the 4x100m freestyle relay is a testament to the 25-year-old. 
And there is no stopping Seebohm - a three-time Olympian who wants to emulate Leisel Jones and make Tokyo her fourth Olympics.
“I have said I want to train up until 2020 and like Leisel go to four Olympics and be recognised  as one of Australia’s best ever swimmers,” said Seebohm, who was last month honoured to receive a nomination for the prestigious Sport Australia Hall of Fame Don Award - for athletes who have led by example and most inspired the nation.
It is the second time Seebohm has won the Olympic Program Swimmer of the Year Award - after sharing the award with two-time individual world champion Bronte Campbell in 2015.
And in a great night for her Club Brisbane Grammar, coach David Lush also gained due recognition when he was named Olympic Program Coach of the Year.
Alongside Seebohm came Emma McKeon, Australia’s MVP on the Dolphins team in Budapest, who displayed all the values of a team player, winning six World Championship medals - four silver and two bronze - the most by any Australian woman in a long course world championship - earning her both the Mrs. Gina Rinehart Patron Award and the vote from her peers as the Hancock Prospecting Swimmer’s Swimmer.
McKeon, 23, won silvers in the individual 100m butterfly and 200m freestyle as well as her valuable legs in the 4x100m freestyle and 4x100m Mixed Medley relays and bronze in the 4x200 freestyle and 4x100m medley.
Paralympians Patterson and Crothers have continued to show the strengths of an Australian Para Swim Team regarded amongst the best in the world.
Patterson, the Rio gold medallist and world record holder continues to inspire those around her and Australians who have followed “Lucky’s” story.
This year also saw a breakthrough for Yeronga Park’s S10 classification Swimmer Rowan Crothers, who was the stand-out performer at the Canadian Open Meet after the postponement of the World Para Championships, with his outstanding freestyle wins and contributions to Australia’s relays - improving his 100m long course freestyle time to 51.15 and just two days ago becoming the first Australian to break 50 seconds for Short Course 100m freestyle.
Australia’s stand-out marathon swimmer, Chelsea Gubecka was voted the Open Water Program Swimmer of the Year for her top 10 effort over the Olympic 10km distance, in Budapest, finishing 9th in a stand-out field of Olympic and World Champions.
Her coach Michael Sage was named Open Water coach of the year; while Olympian Rob Van Der Zant was named Hancock Prospecting Paralympic Program Coach of the Yearand Dean Boxall (St Peters Western) was named Youth Coach of the Year.
The Optus Club of the Year was awarded to Bunbury Swimming Club in WA while the Optus Local Legend went to stand out Tasmanian volunteer technical official Tracey Rowell.
Swimming Australia Gala Awards Dinner list of winners:
Olympic Program Swimmer of the Year: Emily Seebohm (Brisbane Grammar)
Paralympic Program Swimmer of the Year, Rowan Crothers (Yeronga Park)
Hancock Prospecting Swimmer’s Swimmer of the Year: Emma McKeon (Griffith University).
Open Water Swimmer of the Year: Chelsea Gubecka (Kawana Waters)
Short Course Swimmer of the Year: Mitch Larkin (St Peters Western)
Hancock Prospecting Olympic Program Coach of the Year: David Lush (Brisbane Grammar)
Hancock Prospecting Paralympic Program Coach of the Year: Rob Van Der Zant
Open Water Coach of the Year: Michael Sage (Kawana)
Youth Coach of the Year: Dean Boxall (St Peters Western)
Mrs. Gina Rinehart Patron Awards: Lakeisha Patterson, Emma McKeon
Optus Community Award; Josh Beaver (Ivanhoe Neons)
Optus Club of the Year: Bunbury Swimming Club (WA)
Optus Local Legend of the Year: Tracey Rowell (Tasmania)
Roger Smith Technical Official of the Year: Damien van de Berg (Cobram)
AIS Discovery of the Year: Shayna Jack (Commercial)
Services to Australian Swim Team: Rhys Mainstone, Richard Eliason, Teigan Van Roosmalen

Article: https://www.swimming.org.au/NewsCentral/Emily-Seebohm-and-Emma-McKeon-reign-supreme-at-Swi.aspx 

Watch Cate Campell - World Short Course Record Breaking Swim

Congratulations Cate Campbell and coach Simon Cusack! New short course 100m freestyle World Record - 50.25! Such an inspiration!

Video: https://swimswam.com/watch-cate-campbells-5025-100-free-wr-race/ 

2017 State Teams Championships - QLD Team!

Congratulations to the QLD Team who will be competing at the 2017 State Teams Championship in Canberra from the 22nd - 24th September.


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