Macca's® Mini Meets

Maccas Mini Meets

Swimming Queensland with the support of our major sponsor, McDonald's, offer Swim Schools the opportunity to host a Macca’s® Mini Meet.

Macca's® Mini Meets are novelty swim meets designed to introduce swim school students to the joy of racing in the pool, inspiring them to become better swimmers and are a great way for swim schools to give added value to their students. Each swimmer attending a Macca’s® Mini Meet will receive a FREE Macca's® Mini Meet Participant Pack, provided by Swimming Queensland and our major sponsor, McDonald's.

Are you a Swim School interested in hosting a Macca’s® Mini Meet?

Register to host a Macca’s® Mini Meet! 

When you register to host a Macca's® Mini Meet we'll send you out FREE Macca’s® Mini Meet Participant Packs and provide you access to some marketing materials to help make your Macca's® Mini Meet a real success!

  • How Clubs Can Get Their Local Swim School Involved
  • Swimming Queensland would like to encourage all clubs to establish a relationship with their local Swim School/s. The Macca’s® Mini Meet program is a great initiative for clubs to share with their local Swim School.

  • What Should Happen At a Macca’s® Mini Meet
  • The events conducted at your Macca’s® Mini Meet are entirely up to you. 

    You can hold your Macca's® Mini Meet as an end of term break up party event, a carnival followed with a family BBQ to end the day, a themed event with prizes for the best costume, or a race carnival day with relays emphasising team spirit.

    These are just some ideas to get you started; your Macca's® Mini Meet can be anything that suits your Swim School!

    Some ideas of activities you can include are:

    • Across the pool freestyle races;
    • 25m relay races of any stroke or distance; and
    • Kickboard & noodle races.
  • Who Can Attend a Macca’s® Mini Meet?
  • Macca’s® Mini Meets are open to any existing member of a Swim School that registers to host a Macca’s® Mini Meet.

  • What’s In a Macca’s® Mini Meet Participation Pack?
  • Maccas Mini Meet Pack

      Each Macca’s® Mini Meet Participation Pack includes:

      • Macca’s® Mini Meet bag;
      • Water bottle;
      • Macca’s® Voucher.


    • What Swim Schools Are Saying About Macca’s® Mini Meets
    • Need some convincing? Here’s what others have to say about Macca’s® Mini Meets.

      "We held a Macca's® Mini Meet with great success at our centre! The children loved it! And also all the teachers and parents really enjoyed themselves!"

      "There were a few apprehensive faces at the start of the Macca's® Mini Meet and it was great to see beaming faces at the end with all kids getting in to give it a go."

      "Our Swim School had feedback from families participating saying what a fantastic afternoon and when were we holding one again. I recommend swim schools to take on the opportunity to hold a Macca's® Mini Meet."

      "Wonderful, my grandchildren had a great time and my grandson has a disability and was totally included in all of the events, thank you."

    • I’m Running a Macca’s® Mini Meet, What Resources Are Available To Help Me?
    • If you’re a Swim School hosting a Macca’s® Mini Meet, you can download our Macca’s® Mini Meet poster to help promote the event to your Swim School members.

      Simply open the poster in Microsoft Word and complete the details of your event.

      Make sure you pop it on the noticeboard so everyone can come along!

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