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Member Registration and Renewals

Membership Registrations and Renewals

Registration of new members (through the Join Now portal) for the 17/18 season will begin on 1 July 2017. While, renewal of existing members (through the MyLANE portal) for the 17/18 season is now open.  Detailed information has been emailed to each club, with key documents found below.  If your Club has not received this information by the end of the week commencing 5 June 2017, please email us.


8 Year Old Category Changes in 2017/2018 

Please note that from the 2017/2018 season there will no longer be two different 8 year old membership categories. To fall in line with the Swimming Australia 8YO Optus Junior Dolphin membership category; SQ, Regions and Clubs will have the following swimming Membership Categories.

Please refer to the benefits of being a member or contact SQ if you have any queries related to membership categories.



Please note, transfers pending in ClubLANE during the peak transfer period (1 July - 30 September) will be actioned by Swimming Queensland at our earliest convenience, rather than awaiting club approval, under the following conditions;

  1. The member is 'Lapsed',
  2. The member is 'Pending' and has not been added to the 'Do Not Transfer List' by a Club,
  3. The member is in a 'Non-Paying' category and has not been added to the 'Do Not Transfer List' by a Club.

Please note if you need to add a member to the 'Do Not Transfer List' please email us ASAP as this information was due by 30 June.


Help Files and Guides

Step by Step Guide – Helping your club into the new season, one step at a time!

ClubLANE Membership Terminology – Just in case you get lost in the lingo, we’re here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions – Because it’s likely your question has been asked before and we’ve got the answer.

Member Registration vs. Renewal – When you’re not sure what the difference is, you better check out this one page guide.

Full Affiliation, Registration, Renewal & Membership Guide – Everything you could possibly need to know.


Are you planning to run your Club Renewal prior to 1 July 2017? Do you also have discount packages to set up? Please use this help file instead to ensure your Discount Packages apply to the correct fees.


Club Fees and Discounts

If your Club requires assistance setting up Fees and Discount Packages in ClubLANE please refer to the Discount Package Calculator and help file, available below. A step by step guide is included, letting you know how to set up discount packages in ClubLANE. For further assistance please see below or contact us.


Excel spreadsheets including an empty club column for clubs to use if desired.

Brisbane Swimming

Central Queensland

Darling Downs

Far North Queensland

North Queensland

Gold Coast

Wide Bay



Fees and Discount Package Calculator

Excel spreadsheet including discount packages calculator and step by step guide.

Please note, SQ provides discounts for the 3rd and 4th swimmer in a family (only when all swimmers are paid for in one transaction). Clubs are not required to provide a discount on their own club membership component. If your Club does want to provide additional discounts to members of your club with multiple swimmers please discount your Club component rather than the total component. This will make calculations and processing in ClubLANE much easier.

Creating Discount Packages in ClubLANE

Help file detailing how to create discount packages in ClubLANE.


Other Resources

2017/2018 SQ Membership Form

SAL Online Support Portal

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