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Member Registration and Renewals

Clubs should have already received the invitation to affiliate and will need to complete this affiliation before they can move forward with setting up membership fees and completing the membership renewal process for the season. To access the information about affiliation click here. If your Club has not receieved the affiliation invitation, please contact us!


2018/2019 Membership Fees

Each Region's Membership Fees are slightly different, please click on your Region below to access the fees (Swimming Australia, Swimming Queensland and your Region) that will apply to your Club's members.

Brisbane Swimming Membership Fees (click here to download)

Central Qld Membership Fees (click here to download)

Darling Downs Membership Fees (click here to download)

Far North Qld Membership Fees (click here to download)

Gold Coast Membership Fees (click here to download)

North Qld Membership Fees (click here to download)

Wide Bay Membership Fees (click here to download)


Membership Renewal Process and the Online Membership Guide

Clubs needs to complete the membership renewal process to get set for the new season. Clubs can complete this on or after 6 June 2018.

We have developed a comprehensive online guide, to ensure each club understands what they need to do and how to do it. This online guide is available below! We ask that you please complete the membership renewal process as soon as possible, to ensure the transition to the new season is as smooth as possible; for your Committee and your Members. 

Don't forget, we are always happy to help Clubs. So if you're struggling give us a call or send us an email.

Click here to download a pdf copy.



Please note, transfers pending in ClubLANE during the peak transfer period (1 July - 30 September) will be actioned by Swimming Queensland at our earliest convenience, rather than awaiting club approval, under the following conditions;

  1. The member is 'Lapsed',
  2. The member is 'Pending' and has not been added to the 'Do Not Transfer List' by a Club,
  3. The member is in a 'Non-Paying' category and has not been added to the 'Do Not Transfer List' by a Club.


Please note if you need to add a member to the 'Do Not Transfer List' please email us ASAP as this information is due by 30 June.


Discounts Packages

Discount packages can be set up by clubs to offer discounts to certain family groupings of members. Discounts can only be offered for the Club component of the total membership fee, so please take this into account. Discount packages can be set up from within ClubLANE, under the ‘Fees and Discounts’ tab. We have a handy calculator that your Club can use to determine what discounts you offer to your members. If your Club requires assistance setting up Fees and Discount Packages in ClubLANE please refer to the Discount Package Calculator and help file, available below. A step by step guide is included, letting you know how to set up discount packages in ClubLANE. For further assistance please see below or contact us.

Fees and Discount Package Calculator

Excel spreadsheet including discount package calculator and step by step guide.

Please note, SQ provides discounts for the 3rd and 4th swimmer in a family (only when all swimmers are paid for in one transaction). Clubs are not required to provide a discount on their own club membership component. If your Club does want to provide additional discounts to members of your Club with multiple swimmers please discount your Club component rather than the total component. This will make calculations and processing in ClubLANE much easier.

Creating Discount Packages in ClubLANE

Help file detailing how to create discount packages in ClubLANE.


Other Resources

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