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Membership Development Programs

Swimming Qld has a number of different Membership Development Programs including;


New Member Kits

New swimming members are welcomed to Club swimming with the presentation of a New Member Kit. All children 12 years and under who join a Club affiliated with Swimming Queensland for the first time, receive these kits. Click here to find our more.


McDonald's Participation & Improvement Programs

The McDonald's Participation and Improvement Programs help Clubs to recognise and reward swimmers who achieve targets set by their Club based on participation in Club activities and on personal improvement. Click here to find out more.


Participation Ribbons

Participation Ribbons are available for meet organisers to award junior competitors at local meets for participation and involvement in swimming. For more information click here.


Speedo Swim Star Caps

Speedo Swim Star Caps are to reward members of Clubs for their enthusiasm and commitment to the sport. For more information please click here.


Macca's Mini Meets

Macca's Mini Meets are novelty swim meets for swim schools. The Macca's Mini Meets are offered to swim schools as a great way to give added value to their students by introducing them to the joy of racing in the pool. For more information please click here.


Key Ring Awards

The 5-year and 7-year key ring awards are for swimmers who are in their 5th, 6th, 7th years (or longer) as Swimming Queensland Club members. Click here for more information.


Australian Junior Excellence Program

The Australian Junior Excellence (JX) Program recognises, rewards and encourages junior swimmers who, through their development of aquatic skills and fitness, achieve a high standard of swimming excellence.

Swimmers aged from 9 to 16 years, who accomplish times set by Swimming Australia, qualify at Gold, Silver, Bronze or Green standard, depending on their best performance/s during the season. Click here for more information.

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