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McDonalds Participation and Improvement Program

The McDonald's Participation and Improvement Programs help Clubs to recognise and reward swimmers who achieve targets set by their Club based on participation in Club activities and on personal improvement. To support the programs, major prizes are supplied by McDonald's for swimmers and their coaches and Clubs.

2018/2019 Poster

On the back of the poster is information about the McDonald's Participation and Improvement Programs. These SQ programs are designed to assist Clubs to recognise and encourage participation and improvement among their swimmers. All swimming members will receive a poster. If your Club does not wish to participate in these programs, would you please distribute the posters to all your swimmers in any event.

There are $5,000 in retail gift cards, 2 McDonald's Mauees and 14 McDonalds Cooler Bags to be won.

Below are some ideas on how to use the programs at your Club. Please note, however, that each Club is free to decide the criteria it uses. A template poster will be provided to clubs for this purpose.

Once your Club has worked out its criteria, please make sure all swimmers are made aware of them.

Please submit all swimmers who have met your criteria, using the template, to the SQ Office by March 31.

McDonald’s Participation & Improvement Club Template  

Ideas for Improvement Program

1. For swimmers who have improved their technique the most during the season

2. For swimmers who have reduced their times the most in each of the strokes and the medley (10 years and under – combined times of 4 x 50m each stroke)

3. Using last season's Long Course & Short Course PBs, measure improvement at set dates during the season (e.g. Regional Championships or annual club meet)

4. Compete in a number of various events and distances

5. Using technique criteria sheets, record swimmers' technique score and measure improvements during the season – Time over Technique (e.g. in an Event, the Time swum added to the number of Strokes i.e. 50m free = 32.34 sec + 48 stroke = 80.34. The swimmer will either need to swim faster with the same amount of strokes, or swim the same time with less strokes)

6. When swimmers reach qualifying times. These could be:
    * JX / Regional Championships/ State qualifying / National Age qualifying
    * When a JX swimmer achieves a higher tier or a State qualifying time
    * When a swimmer first qualifies for Regional Champs, Qld State or National Age


Ideas for Participation Program

1. Set a number of competitions/club nights that swimmers are to attend

* To represent the club at x meets during the season e.g. at least 1 x short course meet and 1 x long course meet
* To attend x club nights and represent the club at the Regional Championships

2. Set stroke/event criteria

3. Attend x sessions each week (for x weeks / from date to date), attend x club nights and represent the club at the Regional Championships


*A reminder will be sent to with the spread sheet used to submit the names of all swimmers to SQ.


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