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2017-18 Affiliation

2017/18 Season - 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018



All Regions have set their fees and therefore affiliation is now open for Clubs in Queensland.


Club Affiliation Process Steps:

  1. Clubs will receieve an email from Swimming Qld outlining the affiliation process for the upcoming season. If your club has not received this please email admin.qld@swimming.org.au.
  2. Clubs need to complete and submit the online affiliation form.
  3. Clubs are required to make payment of the affiliation fees via an invoice emailed directly to the club treasurer. If your club has not received this invoice please email admin.qld@swimming.org.au. Payment of affiliation fees can be made via direct deposit or cheque (details provided later in this form).
  4. If your club has no outstanding debts to Swimming Qld or the relevant region, and all other items above have been completed then ClubLANE will be updated to allow your club access to the database.
  5. A confirmation email will be sent within 2-3 days following the above steps being completed in full.


Affiliation Fees

Brisbane Swimming Association Inc $165.00 ($125.00 SQ & $40.00 BSA)

Central Queensland Swimming Association Inc $200.00 ($125.00 SQ & $75.00 CQ)

Darling Downs Swimming Association Inc $210.00 ($125.00 SQ & $85.00 DD)

Far North Queensland Swimming Association Inc $250.00 ($125.00 SQ & $125.00 FNQ)

North Queensland Swimming Association Inc $235.00 ($125.00 SQ & $110.00 NQ)

Swimming Gold Coast Regional Association Inc $250.00 ($125.00 SQ & $125.00 GC)

Wide Bay Swimming Association Inc $195.00 ($125.00 SQ & $70.00 WB)


Online Forms

2017/2018 Club Affiliation Form

2017/2018 Regional Association Affiliation Form


Club and/or Region Committee Contact Details Update Form - Please use this form throughout the season to update details of your Club/Region. Please note. It is also required that you update these changes in ClubLANE.


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