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Join A Club

Swimming is Australia’s favourite sport and it’s no surprise why! Here in the sunshine state it goes without saying that not only is swimming an essential life skill, but joining a club can be a great way to stay active and get social in your community.

After learning the important skills of swimming through learn-to-swim lessons, many children love to continue developing their skills and making new friends by joining a local club.

Every swimming club will be slightly different, offering different activities and participation opportunities. Most clubs will hold regular training sessions, generally grouped as ‘squads’ according to skill level and/or age. Training sessions are a great opportunity for swimmers to build fitness, skills, and technique. Many clubs also run social activities and club nights, which provide a great introduction to racing, encouraging members to have a great time in the pool with their peers. As well as what your Club has to offer, there are also heaps of additional benefits of being a member of a Swimming Queensland (SQ) Club.

When you join as a competitive member, you’ll be able to compete in Inter-Club meets, which are a great opportunity to race against swimmers from other clubs and qualify to compete at Regional, State or National Championships.

If you're interested in being part of a club, your first step is to join a Swimming Queensland Club. Our Clubs are spread throughout our seven regions; Brisbane, Central Queensland, Darling Downs, Far North Queensland, Gold Coast, North Queensland and Wide Bay. Because each club will be different we always recommend touching base with your local Club to find out what they offer.

You can find a local club and their contact details using the Swim Finder.

Ready to join?

We’ve outlined all you need to know about joining a Swimming Queensland Club below.

  • Find a Club
  • If you are ready to start swimming all you need to do is find a club; you can find one that is near you using the Swim Finder.

    The Swim Finder allows you to find clubs by entering your postcode or suburb, so you can see what's on offer in your local area.

    From here, you’ll be able to contact the club directly and start your swimming journey. Remember, it's always best to visit any prospective club, before joining online, to make sure it will suit you.

  • Types of Membership
  • There are various different membership types available, so that you can be involved in your local swimming club the way you want.

    Competitive Swimmer

    The Competitive Swimmer membership category is for anyone who wishes to participate at a club, attend training sessions and participate in squad activities, club nights or other club events. The Competitive Swimmer membership also provides access to inter-club events such as Club, Regional, State and National meets and Championships. This also enables Competitive Swimmers to qualify and therefore participate in Regional, State and National development opportunities.

    Recreational Swimmer

    The Recreational Swimmer membership category is for anyone who wishes to participate within a club, attend training sessions and participate in squad activities and club nights, but doesn't wish to attend inter-club events/meets.

    Technical Official

    Our Technical Officials are an invaluable part of our sport. This free membership category is for any member who holds a current Technical Official accreditation.


    Swimming Queensland offers any parent or guardian of a Recreational or Competitive member free membership.


    A membership category for ASCTA accredited coaches.


    The Non-Swimmer membership category allows anyone else, who may not fit within the above categories, to be a member of their Club. For example, you might be a parent of a previous member but still want to volunteer/be involved at your Club.

  • How to Join
  • Once you have found a club near you using the Swim Finder, you can join by completing the registration process through Swim Central. But don’t forget, because each club is different we always recommend touching base with your chosen club directly, and paying them a visit, before joining online.

    How To Join A Swim Club


    Ready to get started?
    Join a swimming club today!

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