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Technical Official Accreditation Programs


Process for achieving Level Three Accreditations

To achieve Level Three accreditation as a Starter or Referee, a candidate is required to undergo three competent assessments at a Swimming Australia National Championships.Click here for further information.

SAL Technical Official Education Program - Certified Courses & Learner Guides

To obtain information about the SAL Technical Officials Education Programs - Certified Courses and Learner Guides, contact one of the SQ Technical Officials Assessors or Training Officers from your region (see below).

SQ Technical Official Assessors & Training Officers - National Technical Official Accreditation Program

The National Technical Official Accreditation Program, conducted by Swimming Australia in conjunction with Swimming Queensland, introduces an individual to the basic competencies required to officiate at Swimming Australia/Swimming Queensland sanctioned events. This accreditation program also provides a clear and defined pathway for Technical Officials to move from officiating at their local club meets to officiating at the Olympics.

The target market for this course includes currently accredited and operating officials looking to update / refresh their skills and individuals who are interested in becoming trained to officiate at ratified meets.

The nationally accredited training programs will be delivered by the State and Territory Swimming Associations. For further information on undertaking Technical Official education, please contact Swimming Queensland at [email protected] or on 3390 2011.

Furher details are also available on the National Technical Official Accreditation Program Brochure.

List of Assessors

To gain accreditation for a particular module, candidates are required to complete the assessment within a Learner Guide and also be assessed as competent
by a Swimming Queensland Assessor in a practical officiating environment.

Below is a list of Swimming Queensland Assessors who are accredited to deliver and assess the theory and practical assessment components of the modules as specified:


  1.        GP - General Principles of Swimming Officiating
  2.        TK - Timekeeper
  3.        CTK - Chief Timekeeper
  4.        CS - Check Starter
  5.        S1 – Starter, Level 1
  6.        COC - Marshal
  7.        IOT - Inspector of Turns
  8.        JOS - Judge of Stroke
  9.        REC - Recorder
  10.        FJ – Finish Judge/Chief Finish Judge
  11.        AOE – Automatic Officiating Equipment Operator
  12.        MMO – Meet Manager Operator
  13.        ANN – Announcer
  14.        R1 – Referee, Level 1
  15.        RSWD – Referee (Specialist Extension), Swimming with a Disability
  16.        ADV - Self Management for Advanced Technical Officials
  •          R2 – Referee, Level 2
  •          S2 – Starter, Level 2
  •          ROWS - Referee (Specialist Extension), Open Water Swimming


BSA – Brisbane

CQ – Central Queensland

DD – Darling Downs

FNQ – Far North Queensland

GC – Gold Coast

NQ –  North Queensland

WB – Wide Bay


National Technical Official Accreditation: Recognition of Current Competency (RCC)

RCC Procedures & RCC Application
Applicants who believe they already possess the adequate competencies to obtain or upgrade their SAL National Technical Official Accreditation are able to apply to SAL via Swimming Queensland for Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) from prior learning and experience. RCC will be granted when all the stated learning outcomes and performance criteria of the SAL Technical Officials Accreditation Course modules have been met. Other requirements will also need to be met before a SAL National Technical Officials Accreditation will be issued.

The SAL Technical Officials RCC application is designed to guide applicants through the various steps involved in the RCC process and requirements to gain a SAL Technical Officials Accreditation.


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