Your Membership

Your Membership

There are so many great reasons to love being a member of a Swimming Queensland (SQ) Club. There’s competitive swimming opportunities all over Australia and internationally, Development opportunities and so many more benefits of being a SQ member!

It’s our aim to offer a supportive community that members of all ages will love throughout their entire journey with swimming. You can learn about our different membership types on our Join A Club page, which allows you to be  involved  in your local club the way you want.  


Not yet a member? 

Learn how to find and join a club near you.

  • Registration and Renewal
  • The official membership season runs from 1 July to 30 June the following year. When the new season begins (1 July each year). If a member has not renewed by 1 July, their membership will no longer be active and access to enter meets etc. will be removed. 


    If you’ve never been a member of a club affiliated with Swimming Australia, you will need to join a club and complete the registration process. If you haven’t already found a club in your area, you can use the Swim Finder to locate your nearest Swimming Queensland Club. 


    If you're a current member of a club affiliated with Swimming Australia, or have been previously, you'll need to renew your membership through Swim Central. 

    Changing Clubs (Transferring)

    At the start of the season, if a member needs to change clubs they simply purchase a membership product with their new club and ensure their new membership is selected as their Primary membership in Swim Central.

    Midway through the season, a formal transfer process is available for members to enable a refund for common components paid in the two membership products (e.g. Swimming Australia, Swimming Queensland and potentially the region also, but not the old club). A member completes this formal transfer process by purchasing the new membership product, then from their Profile and Memberships they can select their old membership and use the 'Transfer' button which will initiate a transfer and refund of any relevant amounts.

  • Swim Central
  • Swim Central is the national operating system for clubs and members, this online portal links all your interactions with swimming; including your swimming Club, your Region, Swimming Queensland and Swimming Australia!


    Why Swim Central is great!

    • You’re completely in control, with the flexibility to manage the activities of everyone in your family, regardless of swimming level or club.
    • You can organise your family’s memberships, meet entries and other product purchases all at the same time with no fuss using the shopping trolley functionality. Moreover, there is a Family Pin to keep things secure.
    • You can receive alerts, ask questions and stay up to date with the latest news via the instant messaging feature. While, clubs can use instant messaging to improve communication to their members.
    • You can also find swim meets, other events and products for purchase, quickly and easily using the Finder functionality, or via the events calendar.


    Access Swim Central Resources

    Access Swim Central

  • Participating in Swim Meets
  • Throughout the season there are numerous swim meets on offer for our competitive members to participate in – from club development meets which introduce new swimmers to competition, all the way through to Regional, Queensland and Australian Championships. Our swim meet competition pathway caters for swimmers at various stages of their development – so we know there’ll be a swim meet to suit your needs.

  • Athlete Development Opportunities
  • Our development pathway is designed to give athletes the best chance to reach their potential, through a rounded-approach that looks at the whole picture of what it means to be an athlete. We offer a range of development programs, including our development squads, targeted development clinics, as well as opportunities to represent Queensland at national and international events.

  • Getting Help With Your Membership
  • Need a little assistance with managing your membership?
    We’ve got several handy resources to help you to manage your membership, enter meets and much more using Swim Central.

    View all Swim Central help.

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