Grants & Funding

Grants & Funding

There are numerous grants and funding opportunities available for clubs that can help to purchase equipment, upgrade facilities or boost membership numbers. In addition to grants your Club may apply for, there are many individual funding opportunities for athletes and technical officials. We encourage clubs to become familiar with both individual and club grants, in order to best serve their members.


If your Club is looking for assistance with a grant application, Community Door’s article “The who, what, where, when, why and how of grant writing” has some very useful information. The Business Queensland Website also provides a list of things to check to ensure you have the best chance of succeeding with your application.


These include things such as:

  • Have you assessed your eligibility before applying?
  • Is your project relevant to the funding body?
  • Have you understood the funding objectives?
  • Have you followed the application guidelines and used the required forms?
  • Have you fully considered how much work is involved in applying for a grant?
  • Does your application make statements that are backed by supporting material?
  • Is your explanation of your project focused and clear?
  • Have you addressed the impact of your work on the wider community or industry?
  • Have you underestimated the amount of competition for funding?
  • Have you stressed the importance of funding to your project's success?
  • Have you explained how your ideas will be translated into action?
  • Has your business made the grant application a priority?
  • Have you proven you need funding support?


We have listed some grants or funding opportunities below for clubs, but we also recommend checking with your Local Government/Council directly.

  • Minor Infrastructure and Inclusive Facilities Fund
  • Round 2 of the Minor Infrastructure Program has been brought forward from January 2024 due to popular demand and will now open for applications on 27 September 2023. Round 2 will be delivered with the new $30 million Inclusive Facilities Fund to deliver infrastructure projects that enhance community sport and active recreation.

    A budget of $45 million will deliver infrastructure projects that enhance community sport and active recreation. 

    The objective of the program is to enhance community sport and active recreation participation opportunities through the provision of spaces that enable quality, accessible, inclusive, safe and more efficient activity.

    This program will support projects that are either:

    • Inclusive and Accessible – $30 million to support new and upgraded changerooms and amenities that meet universal design principles or
    • Safe, Quality and Efficient – $15 million to support new, upgraded and end-of-life field of play and ancillary facilities to meet activity requirements at a community level.

    Applications will open on Wednesday 27 September 2023 and close at 5pm on Thursday 16 November 2023.

    For more information including the program guidelines click here 

  • Queensland Sport and Recreation - Current Disaster Funding Summary
  • We know many Queensland clubs and sporting organisations have been devastated by recent extreme weather events.

    Getting back in the game will take time and effort but we want you to know that financial support is available.

    ? Level 1 Sport and Recreation Disaster Recovery Program (SRDRP) provides funding of up to $5,000 and can be used to replace damaged equipment, buy tools and cleaning supplies, hire machinery or pay insurance excess. For more info visit ?

    ? For those requiring further funding, the Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (QRIDA) Recovery grant can provide $50,000 grants for small businesses and not-for-profit organisations. Those who qualify can use the funding to clean-up, repair or replace damaged infrastructure or equipment, or cover other costs associated with the recovery process. For more info visit ?

    ? A further jointly funded Commonwealth-State grant of up to $20,000 is being developed, with more information on this funding package coming soon.

    ✉ Queries about funding options? Contact the team at

  • Active Clubs
  • Active Clubs is an initiative under Activate! Queensland 2019-2029, Queensland’s first-ever ten- year sport and active recreation strategy.

    The strategy and its initiatives were developed to provide Queenslanders with more opportunity to get physically active.

    The Active Clubs program will provide grants of up to $2000 to clubs and sporting organisations for essential playing equipment and training needs for activities both on and off the field.

    This could include equipment like bats, balls, racquets, helmets and padding; or coaching accreditation and resources; or volunteer equipment and software.

    Queensland’s sporting clubs and organisations play a key role in developing our elite athletes, but they also have the ability to bring communities together.

    The Queensland Government will continue to support clubs by providing quality activities and delivering sport and recreation to local communities.

    Get all the important information and application details available here!


  • Fair Play Vouchers (Previously Get Started)
  • As part of the Queensland Government’s initiative to support sport and recreation at the grassroots level Fair Play Vouchers are available to assist children and young people who can least afford, or may otherwise benefit from, joining a sport or active recreation club. Eligible children and young people can apply for a voucher valued up to $150, which can be redeemed at a sport or recreation club that is registered for Fair Play Vouchers.

    To accept Fair Play vouchers at your Club, you must be registered. You can check whether your Club is registered and get all the important information on the Fair Play website.

  • Sport and Recreation Disaster Recovery Program (SRDRP)
  • The Sport and Recreation Disaster Recovery Program (SRDRP) supports not-for-profit sport and recreation organisations with funding to re-establish their facilities and activities after extreme natural events, including flooding and associated damage.

    Funding of up to $5000 (Level 1) and $20,000 (Level 2) may be available for eligible sport and recreation organisations located in areas declared under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA).

    Find out more about SRDRP.

  • Westfield AU Local Heroes
  • Westfield AU Local Heroes is a community recognition and grants program, connecting and enriching communities. Individuals are nominated and voted for by their communities, with three finalists per Westfield Living centre each awarded a $10,000 grant to support their affiliated organisation’s work, programs or activities.

    Find out more about Westfield AU Local Heroes.

  • Giving for Grassroots
  • Giving for Grassroots is the Australian Sports Foundation’s small grants program dedicated to initiatives that help increase participation in grassroots and community sport across Australia. The funds for the program come from the generous donations of passionate sports fans in Australia. The Giving for Grassroots program grants up to $10,000 to community-based organisations, schools and clubs.

    Find out more about Giving for Grassroots.

  • Gambling Community Benefit Funding Programs
  • The Gambling Community Benefit Fund Commemorative grants are for major capital works, equipment, event or transportation requirement valued from $35,000 to $250,000.

    While the Gambling Community Benefits Fund grants are for not-for-profit groups operating in Queensland can apply for grants from $500 to $35,000 through the Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF). This fund is Queensland’s largest one-off grants program, distributing approximately $54 million per year.

    The fund allocates grants to not-for-profit community groups, to enhance their capacity to provide services, leisure activities and opportunities for Queensland communities.


    Find out more about Gambling Community Benefit Funding programs.

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