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Swim Central is the national operating system for clubs and members, this online portal links all your interactions with swimming; including your swimming Club, your Region, Swimming Queensland and Swimming Australia!


Why Swim Central is great!

  • You’re completely in control, with the flexibility to manage the activities of everyone in your family, regardless of swimming level or club.
  • You can organise your family’s memberships, meet entries and other product purchases all at the same time with no fuss using the shopping trolley functionality. Moreover, there is a Family Pin to keep things secure.
  • You can receive alerts, ask questions and stay up to date with the latest news via the instant messaging feature. While, clubs can use instant messaging to improve communication to their members.
  • You can also find swim meets, other events and products for purchase, quickly and easily using the Finder functionality, or via the events calendar.


Access Swim Central Resources

Access Swim Central

    Catch up with our helpful Swim Central updates

    • August 2019
    • If you missed our August update, you can find the link below with topics including:

      • Processing Fair Play (Get Started) Vouchers
      • Renewing your Life Members' membership
      • Processing payment for your Coach or Official memberships
      • Reconciling payments in Swim Central
      • How the Swim Central Automated Renewal Process works
      • Completing your Club's 2019/2020 Membership Renewals
      • Targeting meets for your members
      • Creating a meet in Swim Central
      • Swim Central Resources for your Members

      View the August update here!

    • September 2019
    • If you missed our September update, you can find the link below with topics including:

      • 'Meet Fee' Functionality 
      • Meet Nomination Work Flow Updates
      • Second Claim & 'Come n Try' Memberships
      • Membership Product 'Age-up- Date' Updated

      View the September update here!

    • November 2019
    • If you missed our November update, you can find the link below with topics including:

      • $0 purchase refinement for membership renewal/registration and swim meet nominations
      • Creating a direct "clickable" link for your swim meet
      • Easily accessing family group information

      View the November update here!

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