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31 August 2020

UPDATED AS AT 17/09/2020

Recent advice from Queensland Health resulted in an unfortunate last minute change to the permissible spectator seating pattern at the 2020 Brisbane SC Championships last weekend.

For those who attended this event as a spectator, thank you for being adaptable and understanding of the restraints we were working within. This allowed us to manage all tickets in a way that enabled things to proceed as opposed to having to make a difficult decision to cancel all spectator tickets last minute.

As such, a revised plan has been implemented for the upcoming 2020 McDonald’s Queensland SC Championships. In doing so, a multitude of factors have been considered, with the goal of providing as many seats as possible for parents/guardians/families whilst complying with the restrictions in place at the venue. Therefore, we have maximised the offering by grouping seats within each section. These ‘bundles’ can be used by people from the same home, family, friendship circle, or club network etc.

This means people known to each other are able to sit in the group of seats purchased as a bundle in one single transaction. There are also some double and triple seat bundles scattered amongst the grandstand dependant on the given section.

We now need the help of our members to work together, particularly amongst club groups and the wonderful friendships that our sport naturally creates, to enable the maximised use of the Western grandstand for the 2020 McDonald’s Queensland SC Championship, which sees families traveling from all around Queensland to compete.

In this way, each single transaction must consist of a bundle (4, 3 or 2 seats) each day of the event. Within this transaction, each individual ticket (i.e. seat) must be in the name of the person attending with their contact details. For fairness, only 1 bundle per day can be purchased in a single transaction.

Each bundle is specific to a section of the Western grandstand. On the day, each ticket will be scanned in upon arrival and seat cards will be distributed based on the section and bundle size. These seat cards will indicate the specific row and seat number. To comply with contact tracing requirements, tickets will then be scanned out when departing.

Of note, there are 2 rows in Section 7, Lower (row B and D), that have restricted viewing, unable to see the last 5m (start/finish end) of the competition pool when seated. In consideration of this, these particular seats will be offered at a reduced price of $4 and clearly stated in Ticketbooth when purchasing.

Acknowledging that in the past, where no COVID restrictions were in force and freedom of choice of seat was an option, we were able to offer both concession and full priced tickets to all events, we are now working to considerably different constraints. With the strict limitations in place for spectators moving forward, all seats will be sold at the standard admission price to each event. For the 2020 McDonald’s Queensland SC Championships, this will be $7* (restricted viewing seats, as mentioned above in Section 7, Lower, will be $4*).

There are a limited number of accessible seats available in the Western grandstand (i.e. those unable to use the stairs in an effective and safe manner). If you require an accessible seat, please email with relevant details. Note, all seats will carry the $7* charge (*plus fees).

We would like to sincerely thank our members for their patience as we have managed the changes and resumption of competition in an environment foreign to us all with COVID-19. It hasn’t been easy for anyone, including staff, technical officials, volunteers and all members. It has been, and will continue to be a team effort for the sport to move forward and most importantly for the swimmers to have the opportunity to enact their hard training in a competition environment.

Tickets will go on sale at 7:00AM Tuesday, 22 

September with a link available on the event page.

Kind regards

Swimming Queensland

  • Previous Update
  • This information is relevant for people attending the 2020 McDonald’s SC Championships to be held 25-27 September 2020. Club Administrators have been emailed this information with more detail.

    Please note this information differs from the 2020 Speedo SC Preparation Meet, so please read carefully.

    Due to COVID-Safe guidelines and restrictions, this meet will be different from previous SQ meets.  As these restrictions are likely to continue for many months to come, this meet will represent what normal practice will be for the 
    foreseeable future.

    (Please refer updated information above)

    • Due to restricted capacity limits, spectators will be seated in the Western grandstand only (the same side as the café).
    • In line with Stadiums Queensland Site Specific Plan for the Sleeman Sports Complex, this meet will see an increase in the spectator seats available for use, as compared to the Speedo SC Preparation Meet, increasing the capacity to 50%.
    • Tickets will therefore be limited, with 1168 available for each day of the meet, on a first in, first served basis.  These tickets will be specific to the marked sections, rows and seats of the Brisbane Aquatic Centre (e.g. Section 2 Lower - Row A - Seat 25, and Section 5 Upper – Row J - Seat 85, etc.).  As we’ve not had to use allocated seating in the past, ushers will be available to help direct spectators to the correct seat.  However, venue signage is easy to follow and tickets will have this information detailed on them.
    • To comply with restrictions, and allow for a progressive increase in capacity for future meets, designated seating must be followed in the grandstand.  This means specific rows and seats will be in use, which in turn means you likely can’t sit in your ‘usual’ spot and may be sitting a fair distance from the finish line.  It also means each spectator will have an empty seat either side, immediately in front and immediately behind them (i.e. checkerboard style). However, this is the only way we can offer spectator seating and still comply with the restrictions.  Please see the attached seating plan for further clarification.
    • Tickets and programs for spectators must be pre-purchased online.  Tickets will go on sale through Ticketbooth from 7:00am Tuesday, 22 September; direct link will be available from the event page of our website and communicated across social media.  Tickets are $7; with programs $8* (*plus fees).
    • There will be no tickets or programs available to purchase at the entry points.
    • Due to the separation required between spectators and all active participants in the ‘field of play’, swimmers, club managers, support persons and coaches will not be able to access the Western grandstand.
    • This separation also means there is no pool deck access from the Western grandstand.
    • Spectators can move freely around most other areas of the venue (excluding Eastern grandstand and pool deck) and therefore can utilise the café and amenities, as well as see / sit with their swimmers in other areas (e.g. front concourse, café, grassed areas of the complex, etc.).
    • Upon arrival, all spectators must produce and scan their Ticketbooth ticket to gain entry (either on a device or printed).  Please note a ticket is issued for each day (i.e. Saturday ticket, Sunday ticket, program ticket).
    • All spectators will also need to scan out on the day, using this same ticket when departing.  This must be completed in order to comply with the contact tracing requirements.


    • A ratio based on the total number of nominated swimmers on a given day will be used to ensure a fair distribution of club manager and coach tickets.
    • There will be no tickets or programs available at the entry point.  These must be purchased online prior to the event, see below for full information. 
    • Access to the meet, pool deck and seating areas for swimmers, club managers, support persons and coaches will be via the Eastern grandstand only (the side overlooking the outdoor pool).
    • Upon arrival, all swimmers, club managers, support persons and coaches must produce their ticket for scanning to gain entry and collect any pre-purchased programs (either on a device or printed). 
    • All swimmers, club managers, support persons and coaches will also need to scan out on the day, using this same ticket when departing.  This must be completed in order to comply with the contact tracing requirements.
    • Each club group (swimmers, club managers, support persons and coaches) will be assigned a designated section of the Eastern grandstand.
    • Access to the pool deck will be via competition pool deck stairs located at the scoreboard end and dive pool end; or via the outdoor concourse stairs to outdoor pool deck. 
    • It is important for all access to pool deck to be for the purpose of ‘doing’ only.  This means warming up, warming down, self-marshalling or racing. 
    • For coaches, this means overseeing warm ups and viewing a race when your swimmer is in the water.  Coaches are also able to view races in the VIP section of the Eastern grandstand.  All viewing areas are to be used as ‘watch the race, leave the space’.
    • Designated club group seating areas must be used at all other times. 
    • There will be no congregating or seating allowed on the competition pool deck. 


    • Swimmers’ nominations will count as their registration for the event.  Parents are asked to ensure their Swim Central profile contains a mobile number.
    • Swimmers will automatically be issued their free Ticketbooth ticket for each day prior to the event (i.e. Saturday ticket, Sunday ticket), which they will need to produce (either on a device or printed) for scanning to gain entry and to scan out.


    • Club manager tickets will be allocated to each attending club based on swimmer numbers. 
    • Clubs administrators will be responsible for assigning these. 
    • These tickets will allow entry to the meet, as well as access to pool deck for appropriate assistance to be given to swimmers during the meet.
    • Some swimmers may require additional parental assistance / supervision.  Where possible, this should be accommodated within your Club's club manager allocation.  Where this cannot be accommodated within your allocation, club administrators can advise us of the additional support person tickets needed on behalf of those parents (name, mobile, email, which day(s) they require.  These tickets will not allow pool deck access (unless required for multi-class swimmers).  These tickets are not limitless, so please only use them where absolutely necessary.
    • Club manager and support person tickets are $7*.  If they require a program, they can purchase online for $8* (*plus fees); direct link will be available from the event page of our website.
    • Please speak to your Club if you have an interest in being a club manager.


    • Coach tickets will be allocated to each attending club based on swimmer numbers and are for ASCTA accredited coaches only. 
    • Clubs administrators will be responsible for notifying coaches when tickets are available.
    • Coach tickets are free and include a program (unless they opt out); these will be invoiced to your Club ($8 per program).

    This information, including relevant links and processes was also emailed to all club administrators, at 5:00pm, 31 August 2020.

    Please note, the above details relate only to the
    2020 McDonald’s SC Championships.  For information relating to any other event, please refer to that specific event’s information. 

    We understand that many aspects of adjusting our sport to be COVID-Safe can be overwhelming and/or frustrating.  We’re working hard to ensure we comply with the restrictions and move forward in resuming activities by running meets for our swimmers to enjoy racing again and implement and execute training effects, race skills and race plans.

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